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Note from the Founders

The majority of the 53,000,000 Americans who provide care to a family member with a special need or chronic condition are not paid.

Over 60% of us are under so much financial, emotional, communal, and educational stress that we ourselves are now designated as “at risk” by our healthcare providers. As individuals our purchasing power cannot attract the discounts and enable the changes we need, but as a large collaborative we can level the playing field and take back control of our lives. 

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Someone or something needs to represent us, so if not us who, and if not now when?

The Family Caregiver Alliance will help us


Procure the goods and services that are a necessity for us at the lowest possible prices. It is time we joined forces to achieve savings on the products and services we need. As individuals we have little chance in getting big corporations to move the needle, but just imagine the buying power we would have if even 50,000 of us out of the 53,000,000 formed an alliance.   We have already been I touch with many organizations that will provide us with discounts because they care, but we need to come together to get other organizations to do the same.

Educate Ourselves

Provide us with the education we need to become the best caregivers possible while also making us healthier. Member generated information created by sharing best practices in caregiving techniques and how to access the things we need will be invaluable. FCA will also contract with the world’s leading experts on specific topics to guide us on how to make ourselves healthier, and to drive better outcomes for those we care for.

Connect & Influence

Bring us together as a community large enough to demand change, while intimate enough to help each other. One voice representing tens of thousands or even millions of us. The 25,000 owners will appoint their own representatives to the board of the company so that they can advocate for the things the community needs.


Allow us to earn an income even though we are often time constrained. By doing nothing else than socializing the existence of the FCA to our networks we can earn money that will help to ease our financial burdens. This is NOT MLM or Network marketing. We do not have to recruit anyone or buy anything.

In our community we are tired of being told that the healthier we are, the better the outcomes will be for those we care for.


Of course, we know that is true, so why do 60% of us remain “at risk”?


Many of us are dying before the family members we are caring for.

It is time that we changed being a “forgotten cohort of special people”, it is time we demand the benefits that a community of our size should be receiving, and it is time that we solve our own health problems. 

Join us today

It's free (there will never be a charge), and become part of a national movement purposed to allow us to take back control of our lives.

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