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  • What legal structure is the organization?
    It is a South Carolina Public Benefit Corporation.
  • Will ownership cost me anything?
    No. The ownership units will be gifted to you, and there are no stipulations about having to purchase anything.
  • What if you sell the organization?
    It is not our intention to sell it because we wish to keep the purpose intact. However, if anything happened to the founders and the organization was sold, all owners would receive a distribution of the sale proceeds if they exceeded any debt the organization might have.
  • What does ownership mean to me?
    You will be able to: Vote on important matters regarding how the organization is run and the direction it takes Receive profit distributions if the organization makes money and the board decides to distribute some or all of it Access transparent financials for the organization
  • Will I have to pay tax on the gifted ownership units?
    This is a question for your financial or tax people. We believe that in the beginning the units will have no value, hence no tax. However, as the organization grows, people joining later may find that there is a small value assigned to the gifted units which could be taxable. We will always let you know our opinion before you accept the units.
  • Will I really be an owner of the organization?
    Yes, if you are one of the first 25,000 members, you will be given a small ownership in the company.
  • What happens to the members that join after the 25,000th member?
    It is the full intention of the board to set up another programs, however, there is not one in place at this time. Hence, those members would enjoy the benefits of membership but without ownership.
  • What experience do the founders of FCA have in the field?
    When Vishal Patel was 28 he suffered a debilitating stroke that left him paralyzed and unable to speak. His wife Deepa and family took amazing care of him, and with their help, in about 5 years he was almost back to normal. However, the world works in mysterious ways, and just as they all thought that Vishal was back, and that their caregiving days were over, out of nowhere he suffered a second and even more debilitating stroke when he was 36. It was at that time that his family had to prepare for what was assumed to be a lifetime of caregiving. Now at 43, Vishal does not have everything back, but with the help of his remarkable wife, family, friends and healthcare professionals he is getting closer every day. Even though Deepa is an licensed Physical therapist, she was nowhere near prepared for the many stresses that accompany caregiving. Trying to provide the best care that she could so that Vishal could benefit from the best possible outcomes became a full-time and often frustrating role. Frustrating, because even though she discovered that she was one of 53 million unpaid caregivers in the United States, as a cohort they are almost forgotten. In fact, they are so forgotten, that acquiring the knowledge, information, tools, products, and services that they need to provide the best care for their loved one is usually another strain on an already challenging lifestyle. When Vishal saw the stress that Deepa was under, he did some research and discovered that over 60% of caregivers like her are under so much financial, emotional, educational, physical, and communal stress that they themselves are diagnosed as at risk by their healthcare professionals. What was worse, was that every report he read stated that the healthier a caregiver is, the better the outcomes will be for those they care for!! Seeing his wife struggle with her stresses was unacceptable, so he decided to take their experiences to build a platform that will help all caregivers reduce their stress, while driving better outcomes for those they care for. Vishal and Deepa have built the Family Caregivers Alliance specifically for unpaid family caregivers. It has been designed to help them reduce their stresses, get healthier, earn needed income, and most importantly create better outcomes for those they care for. Their first investor’s youngest daughter suffered from juvenile epilepsy and experienced first-hand the stresses that come with caregiving.
  • Who can join?
    Anyone who can verify that they are an unpaid caregiver to a family member with a chronic condition or special need.
  • What do I get as a member?
    You get access to: The discounted products and services on our shopping site Your fellow members as they share their best practices, success, and failures Professional content that focuses your health and well being Professional content that focuses on best practices in caregiving Peer groups that will ask the organization to negotiate for better pricing on specific goods and services, and for specific content to be distributed on the platform
  • How many members will there be?
    As many as we can possibly accommodate as the larger the membership, the more purchasing and political power we will have. Hence, we would welcome millions of members
  • What does it cost to be a member?
    Absolutely nothing. There are no membership fees or purchase requirements.
  • What really makes you think you can convince companies to help us?
    Apart from doing extensive research with service and product providers that covet the caregiving community, we are blessed to have Mr. Stuart Williams of In Place Impact as a board member, our first investor, and our strategic advisor. It was 30-years ago this year that Stuart co-created the first global platform of “Making A Profit While Making A Difference”, and he remains one of the world’s leading experts on helping companies match their profits with their purpose. He also sits on the board of Sustainable Brands and has access to the leaders of many of the world’s largest consumer packaged goods and healthcare companies. Not only does he convey to those companies why they need to help the communities they covet, he also helps them design the programs through which they can do it.
  • How much money can I make and when do you pay it?
    FCA pays commissions monthly. There are 53,000,000 people in America that provide some level of unpaid care to family members with chronic conditions or special needs. Over 60% of those people experience financial stress, and our research has shown that the ability to save money on the products and services they need to buy is very appealing to them. We cannot tell you how much money you can make other than it could be in the range of $55 per thousand dollars of products and services purchased through our online shopping site. Obviously, the more people that buy, the higher the commissions.
  • How does the Ambassador program work?
    FCA uses the power of its membership to negotiate low prices for the products and services its members require. The providers of the products and services put them on our online shopping site for free. Each Ambassador is given a unique code, which they will share with the networks they are making aware of the site. When a purchase is made, the buyer will use the unique code upon checkout, which tells us which Ambassador was responsible for that sale. The vendor pays us up to a 10% commission, of which 55% is paid to the Ambassador.
  • Is this anything to do with multi-level and or network marketing?
    No. There are no tiers, no pyramids, no one must refer new people, and no one is mandated to buy anything.
  • Do I receive ongoing commissions?
    Yes. You will receive the commissions every time a customer uses your code when buying something.
  • How much money do you think I will save by shopping on the membership site?
    Hard to say, but our research has shown anywhere from 5-40% depending upon the product and or service you wish to purchase.
  • Will you have content on special needs financial planning etc.?
  • Do you have materials I can send out and or use on social media to promote the site to my networks?
  • How can I make an income?
    By becoming an Ambassador and socializing the existence of the online shopping site where family caregivers can purchase the products and services they require at greatly discounted prices.
  • How do I become an Ambassador?
    Ambassadors are: A caregiver to a family member with a chronic condition or special need Not paid for providing those caregiving services Willing and able to socialize the existence of a shopping platform Able to be employed as an independent contractor in the United States Candidates are interviewed virtually at a convenient time. Once approved, they are given a unique code, basic training & content, and always have support. To start the process Apply Here
  • Is this about the health of the person I am caring for?
    No, we do not pretend to be a site that focuses on specific conditions. This is an organization that focuses on the health of the caregiver because it has been proven repeatedly that the healthier s/he is, the better the outcome will be for the person they care for.
  • Can I request that the organization negotiates for better pricing on the products and services I require for the person I am caring for?
  • How do you think you can improve my health?
    In many ways, but primarily by reducing your: Financial stress, e.g., saving you money and providing you with the ability to earn an income Emotional stress, e.g., surrounding you with people who have walked a mile in your shoes, thereby short circuiting your learning curve, providing you with best practices, giving you an expanded support network, etc., etc. Communal stress, e.g., surrounding you with a community that cares Educational stress, e.g., providing you with easy access to a great deal of information you need to have We also believe that giving you the opportunity to access actionable free content about how to improve your own health, along with the ability to buy certain healthier related products more cheaply, we can help you get healthier.


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